Monday, September 13, 2010

Experts advise: The Dragon Boat Festival computers do, "prevention" work

Dragon Boat Festival draws near, people wish each other the same time, also took the opportunity to spread the virus Trojan. 22, Kingsoft Internet "cloud security" centers release virus warning, be careful before and after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday a new, small type downloader infection "desktop dumplings" attack. Once infected, the virus will download other Trojans, and a large number of Trojan downloader, then secondary Trojan downloader to download them more Daohao Trojans, ARP virus, a serious threat to the user's computer security.

Kingsoft Anti-virus experts said Li Tiejun, "Desktop dumplings" will create more than IE on the desktop shortcut, the worst is locked IE home page to adult Internet navigation, hijacking popular security software.

Small Dragon Boat Festival holiday for three days, many users will use as a holiday to rest and relax or read a large Internet or online shopping, or chatting with friends to renew old friendships. Therefore, the hackers are likely to use it due to carelessness on the holiday greetings, spread viruses, gain. In addition to "Desktop dumplings" massive outbreak, the Duba Cloud Security Center also detected, and the "climax" related to culture, folklore class site also have been linked to horse.

Learned, Dragon Boat Festival is China's first health and disease prevention section, Duba anti-virus experts suggest that users may also wish to holiday in this comprehensive examination of computer, free download with "Cloud security" system, Kingsoft Internet Security 2009, time to upgrade anti-virus software virus database, using "Gold Mountain clean-up experts", patched, to make up for vulnerabilities, to prevent viruses.

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